DrupalCon New Orleans!

The time has come! It's DrupalCon New Orleans! While many of us, myself included, will be battling out the 88 degree temperature with crazy humidity, all attendees will be eagerly diving into the Drupal ecosystem.

just use drupal 8

If you pay attention to the open source or CMS community, you probably heard about the release of Drupal 8 last year. It was one of the crowning achievements of the Drupal community.


I have been freelancing for the last five years to some amazing clients in fascinating industries. In that time, I branded my work as ALEXLAUGHNAN which was a beautifully accurate description of who I was err--- am. However, my work is more than me.

needing to unplug

This weekend, I welcomed one of my good friends and her significant other to a weekend in the Bay Area. It was so great to see and connect with both of them as I have not had the opportunity to meet her person due to my Portland departure.

do you trello left or right?

Like any amazing Trello user, I am constantly trying to be flexibly organized. Ignoring the fact that I am, by nature, not a spontaneous person. Regardless, life happens, boards adjust, and labels fly. It's how the world works.

big magic, big fears, big challenge

I've been reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert (maybe you have heard of her novel Eat, Pray, Love) and it has helped inspire me to take up a challenge this year. So, here is what I am going to do...

2016: look ahead…by looking behind.

I’ve read a lot of posts embracing 2016 with lists, goals, steps, objectives, success criteria and new beginnings. The new-and-shiny-things lover that I am wants to charge forward and succumb to 2016 with gusto; and yet, I am tired.

Consultant Hobbies: Being Social

This year marked my third consecutive trip to DrupalCon as both a developer and a volunteer social media-er (the millennial in me wants to say “Social Storyteller”).


I think one of the most powerful symbols of the Thanksgiving holiday is this notion of gratitude.