launching rocket

I have been freelancing for the last five years to some amazing clients in fascinating industries. In that time, I branded my work as ALEXLAUGHNAN which was a beautifully accurate description of who I was err--- am. However, my work is more than me. It has been this beautiful collaboration between clients, creative partners, unicorns, and myself. Coming into 2016, I knew I needed a change.

...and so acreative was born!

I have been playing around with that name for a series of reasons. You get the "a" that is a remnant of my name and obviously the best letter of the alphabet. Additionally, you get to pair the name with a series of nouns that represent both myself and the process that I follow and resonate with.


See also: crafter, maker, unicorn. I am a developer by trade, strategist by experience, and learner by birth. 

I moved from Montana to Portland in 2009 to study Computer Science at Portland State University. I had spent 3 blissful years doing Java-based programs in high school and knew I wanted to deep-dive into the creative, magical powers of the technology space.

In Portland and at PSU, I discovered a love for community, higher education, and diversity. This is something that continues to fuel work and drive my connections. 

Most recently, I took an incredible opportunity with Verizon in the Bay Area. The collective vibe of technologists in this area has been invigorating and inspirational.


There are several things we can do together:

  • Drupal site building
  • Drupal development (for tailored experienced)
  • Laughter
  • Data migrations and management
  • Social and content strategy
  • Sharing of gifs and smiles

It does not have to stop there. Have something on your mind? A creative notion, perhaps? Let's discuss!

This branding demonstrates us. Focusing on a holistic experience between your hopes, dreams, and desires and the end deliverable. A balance between requirements, design, and development.

My clients continue to help me grow as a developer and as a human. Each project presents its own challenges and learning moments. I am continually amazed and the vision and persistence of the people around me. 

If you are interested in getting to know me, working with me, or just having someone to chat with, please reach out. I am excited to hear from you!