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I've been reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert (maybe you have heard of her novel Eat, Pray, Love) and it has helped inspire me to take up a challenge this year. In her book, Gilbert talks a lot about fear and how it affects the creative process and the psyche. She also brings into light the fact that we cannot live without fear. Instead, the recommendation is to move forward, bring fear along, and rock your creative socks off.

So, that is what I am going to do.

Some disclaimers (aka attempts at being vulnerable and authentic):

  1. I do not think I'm a good writer, nor do I have a lot of confidence in being able to write frequently.
  2. definitely do not identify as a creative type per se. See also: I didn't go to school in graphic design or cool, ninja things.

Phew! Did I just say those two things? Yep, sure did. Now they are out in the universe and we can just waddle on forward. So. Let's get back to that challenge topic. My goal this year is to...

Write at least three blog posts per week, with an extended goal of five per week.

How terrifying is that? Maybe some of you copywriters or journalers out there are like, "welcome to our liiiiives!" I am both excited to begin and eager to find ways to connect some of the many things I am curious about in my work. Undoubtedly, these will be also posted to Medium, and hopefully you follow me there as well.

There! We know the disclaimers, we know the challenge, and now to writing. Excited to begin and move forward. If you haven't yet, and skipped the link to Big Magic, I highly recommend that you check it out.


Photo credit: Damian Zaleski distributed from unsplash