DrupalCon New Orleans!

drupalcon los angeles 2015

The time has come! It's DrupalCon New Orleans! While many of us, myself included, will be battling out the 88 degree temperature with crazy humidity, all attendees will be eagerly diving into the Drupal ecosystem. Lots of great conversations happening around Drupal 8, project management, and the new Horizons track to talk about upcoming and rad ideas.

DrupalCon New Orleans represents my fourth DrupalCon and my fourth opportunity to volunteer as the local lead for @DrupalConNA and @DrupalCon. If you send out a tweet or a Facebook message, I'll be the one replying along with a host of other amazing DrupalCon staff members and the Global lead Paul Johnson.

However, like any other conference attendee, I want to get the most out of the DrupalCon experience and collective brain power. Because of those OCD tendencies, I made sure to map out my schedule in advance on my calendar. Phew! Clearly, a busy week!

drupalcon new orleans schedule

If you will be in New Orleans this week, hit me up on Twitter @AlexLaughnan or @acreativeio

Laissez les Bon Temps Rouler!