needing to unplug

blurry golden gate stare-down.

This weekend, I welcomed one of my good friends and her significant other to a weekend in the Bay Area. It was so great to see and connect with both of them as I had not yet had the opportunity to meet her special person due to my Portland departure. Alongside new friendships, this weekend was a great time to disconnect and foster time and space to unwind.

Naturally as a developer and introvert, I spend a fair amount of time around my laptop responding to clients, building cool things for them, and exploring the internet randoms. This not only represents my week activities, but my weekend as well (remember those things called deadlines?). This weekend forced me to leave my laptop, notes, tasks, and Trello behind. It was absolute bliss.

There are several conversations around taking time to unplug. Forbes talks about some of the benefits of disconnecting from the Internet; isolating them into a list, we have:

  • stress recovery
  • acknowledging the multi-tasking myth
  • internet obsession
  • addressing sleep and overall mental state/health
  • and overall connection.

These all sound like good things to be aware of. I also enjoyed how Becoming Minimalist recognizes the notion of disconnecting:

Solitude is harder to find in an always-connected world.

As someone who rarely experiences FOMO (fear of missing out), I think it is more important to discover the collective randoms that are outside of my daily or weekly routines. Each time I find intentional moments to leave my laptop, find a new space, or catch up with people in my life, I feel renewed and invigorated.

Do you experience that too?