A Bit About Me 🔮

I am not your average developer.

alex by owl mural

Of course, I have coding skills, get a ridiculous grin on my face when I hear the Star Wars theme song, and obsess over the latest frameworks. But I am also a strategist, project manager, social storyteller, and team leader. 

I am also fascinated by knowledge. 😍

I believe there is always an innovative, purposeful method for brands and companies to approach their projects, products, and websites. 

My work in higher education gave me intimate perspectives around diversity, inclusion, accessibility, and continuing knowledge. I have supported technology infrastructures for over 200 employees, created internal tools to increase productivity, while documenting and exploring unique, creative solutions to website requests.

Currently, I work as a Software Engineer for Box, Social Storyteller for the Drupal Association, leadership team member of Drupal Diversity & Inclusion and wear all kinds of hats for acreative. In these roles, I ask questions, gather data, provide options, and push the limits on client asks and development possibilities. I also very much enjoy sunny days and IPAs. 🍻

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