It's a Bird... It's a Plane... It's Superman!

DC Entertainment
A long-standing Drupal organization, DC Entertainment seeks to continually complete ongoing maintenance tickets, address concerns around content strategy and architecture, and develop updated, branded elements to their sites.

Everyday Encounters with Science.

After providing initial guidance into the recommended content structure, I worked with the OMSI development team to fix and adjust the rendered search results. Due to the nature of the View, it was impossible to use Views Distinct as this module processes distinct values with the query results (and therefore fails to page appropriately).

Portland Metro Habitat for Humanity ReStores

Portland Metro Habitat for Humanity ReStores
The ReStore were looking to upgrade their existing Drupal 7 site into a full-functioning content management platform. With a new Marketing & Communications Coordinator, updated graphics, and a thirst to rejuvenate their content and target market, they found themselves looking for an upgraded content management experience.

Inspire. Empower. Educate.

Campus Recreation
Utilizing my previous experience with social campaigns, I worked to not only create content around Campus Recreation (it's building and activities), but expand to the greater Portland experience. A large portion of the work involved was around developing and maintaining an authentic brand that engaged with users, shared relatable images, and ultimately "regram" user-submitted pictures.

Just for the Health of It

Healthy U Wellness Challenge 2014
Extensive work over a period of several months and Agile phases was applied to the existing module and theme. This expanded one module to a suite of four modules designed around the user. Banking off of the flexible Zen theme framework and incorporating responsive elements such as Flexslider, we created a redesigned, responsive theme for 2014.

He Said Yes

Victor Sanders + Alex Bertolucci's Wedding
After a few wireframes and some playtime with Edelsans and Raleway in Illustrator CS6, we were off! Based off a few other simple wedding websites, I build them a Drupal 7 responsive theme. Their main of simplicity was truly at the heart of building this site. You won't see any crazy slider images, Masonry javascript, or JSON syndicated content, just a true representation of the two men who are getting married.

Your Story Lives Here

University Housing & Residence Life
I worked with Housing, Residence Life, Residence Housing Association (www.pdx.edu/rha), and Summer Housing & Conferencing (www.pdx.edu/conferences) to create a well-structured, organized group of websites that would guide the over 20,000 unique page views to the ultimate destination. Requests would come in via email (for page-level adjustments, slider additions, or news updates) and would be handled within an hour. University Housing & Residence Life's website is one of the highest viewed sites (right below Admissions) and thus it was important to keep all the content up-to-date and looking fresh.

Collegiate Support & Development

Oregon College of Art and Craft
Working with the same in-place distribution of Drupal for OCAC, I leveraged similar modules and spun up a secondary theme called ocac_secondary. This was used to support globalized breadcrumbs allowing users to believe their on the same site (www.ocac.edu). The form itself is hard-coded, but built around the requirements from Virtual Merchant and integrating a secure method for sending and receiving requests from the payment gateway. HTTPS was employed on the entire *.ocac.edu Drupal enterprise system.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Portland Metro & Clark County ReStores
After the Hackathon, I received the upgraded site and just performed a few small adjustments to create a more long-term solution for their content managers. This involved updating the administrative theme, updating the WYSIWYG editor, and preparing a content manager guide for those who would be editing the website. I helped by setting up their new hosting company, adjusting DNS settings, and pushing the finalized site to production.


DrupalCon Portland 2013
We began preparing for DrupalCon Portland in November 2012 by setting up a staging website and started building out content. As the social media lead, I assisted the copywriter team in posting and creating several portions of the content. Once the site had been pushed to production, then my focus shifted from copyright to social media. Hootsuite was set up for several scheduled messages (including the 50 or so sponsor tweets).

Get Well. Take the 2013 Challenge.

Healthy U Wellness Challenge
Though historically the challenge website had been custom created through various frameworks (such as Yii), I suggested the Campus Recreation take the Drupal 7 approach. Drupal 7 had been in production for a little more than a year and is highly integrated into the current Portland State University framework -- with our Drupal 7 PSU Enterprise System. We could allow Drupal to handle all of the heavy lifting (such as user access, file sharing, and custom content types), which allowed us more time to delve into theming and custom module development.

Through craft we make.

Oregon College of Art and Craft
I collaborated heavily with Oregon College of Art and Craft to develop not only a new website, but also a efficient workflow for multiple content managers for each portion of the website. We wanted to approach this website migration with a long-term solution in mind, moving them from a XML file to a Drupal 7 educational enterprise system.