Portland Metro Habitat for Humanity ReStores

Portland Metro Habitat for Humanity ReStores
PDX ReStore Homepage

The client

The Portland Metro, Washington County, and Clark County ReStores are dedicated the re-use of materials. They continue to keep 2,800 tons of usable materials out of the landfill each year and have raised over $1.8 million to build Habitat for Humanity homes in our local community. The primary source of labor from these stores is provided by volunteers (looking to volunteer?). 

"We achieve our mission only because individuals like you help us keep our store operations running smoothly. Volunteers give our stores a unique fun, easy going, creative work environment that encourages our customers to keep coming back. We are truly thankful for everyone who has helped us along the way."

What they needed

The ReStore were looking to upgrade their existing Drupal 7 site into a full-functioning content management platform. With a new Marketing & Communications Coordinator, updated graphics, and a thirst to rejuvenate their content and target market, they found themselves looking for an upgraded content management experience.

How I helped

As the action strategist and development, I helped create conversation around the project goal and expected outcomes. We knew that the ReStore site wanted to get away from the core block system and default content types (due to their Drupal 7 Hackathon-based site's simplistic content model). Through conversation we agreed upon several different types of content and approaches to managing different pieces of information. Using Panels, we were able to create custom fieldable panes and font awesome graphics. Bootstrap (available through the Radix base theme) allowed for even more granular content management experiences. 

screenshot of interior page


  • A new site that is fully responsive and works correctly on all browsers and devices.
  • Updated and refreshed the uniform look of the Habitat for Humanity ReStores branding.
  • Integrated Panels and different, intentional content types for managing new marketing materials.


Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Drupal 7, Radix, Basecamp, Jira Agile