Through craft we make.

Oregon College of Art and Craft
OCAC homepage

The client

OCAC is a private, independent, non-profit college offering the Master of Fine Arts degree, the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and two certificate programs in Craft, as well as continuing education for adults and classes and workshops for youth. An integral part of the Portland ethos of the hand-made and sustainable, the OCAC campus, nestled in the West Hills, features the new LEED Silver Jean Vollum Drawing, Painting and Photography and Bonnie Laing-Malcolmson Thesis Buildings as the result of a $14.7 million dollar capital and endowment campaign. For more than three decades, OCAC has attracted nationally and internationally recognized artists, makers and thinkers to Portland through the robust and diverse Artists-in–Residence program, annual lecture series, and Hoffman Gallery exhibitions.

What they needed

The OCAC website was built on Adobe Flash and managed through a large XML file and was unavailble on a variety of iOS devices. The college was looking for a mobile-ready, content manager friendly solution for displaying their content. Having a Drupal 6 site managing their Community  Programs registrations, they determined that Drupal would be an appropriate migration solution for their website. This new Drupal site would ideally incorporate a new OCAC branding, events, news, and house the myriad diverse programs that each school offers.

How I helped

I collaborated heavily with Oregon College of Art and Craft to develop not only a new website, but also a efficient workflow for multiple content managers for each portion of the website. We wanted to approach this website migration with a long-term solution in mind, moving them from a XML file to a Drupal 7 educational enterprise system.

The main site was built on Drupal 7 because the Drupal 7 release had been in production for roughly a year prior to this project's start. The aesthetic design of the site itself was in collaborative between the Communications Manager, IT Administrator, OCAC Website Committee and myself. Collectively, we developed a design that was scalable for the potential of multi-sites and reflected the artistic atmosphere of the school. 

In development, the Drupal 7 site incorporated multiple custom templates, Views, and regions. To create an enterprise functionality custom modules were written for global breadcrumbs (for multiple sub-sites), shared content (publish once, post many), and media folders for file management. Features were built on the homepage to create a standalone installation profile for OCAC to quickly spawn up sub-sites upon request.


  • A new site that is mobile-ready and works correctly on all browsers and devices.
  • New branded look for the institution.
  • Features-driven install profile for quick creation of sub-sites.
  • Content manager access workflow incorporating Workbench and Workbench Access.


Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Drupal 7