Services 🚀

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Web Development

this is probably the entire reason that you are here. you have an incredible purpose or vision and are seeking someone to collaborate, craft, and make with. regardless of the technology, let's work together to build something!

Project Management

keeping a project on track, remaining on or under budget, and effective communication are just a few pieces that intentional project management provides. as a trello-obsessed person, this will happen. promise. 📝

Strategy & Technology Consulting

often overlooked, strategy helps to guide projects and products in a positive direction. bringing strategy into a project will round out the experience between clients and the developer.

Social Media Management

working to engage more of your followers and get more in the process? we can collaborate on social media campaigns tailored to your business or industry.



Interested in collaborating?

As I have a full-time job, freelance work can be a bit tight especially if you have a short timeline. While I cannot commit to every project that comes my way, I love meeting new people and chatting about their work. Let's connect! If you are interested (maybe even just ☕️) reach out to me and get the conversation started.